One of the many ailments which affect the body on account of venous disorders is Varicose Veins. This disorder generates a situation where the circulation of blood in legs gets sluggish while making its in the past towards heart due to faulty valves in veins. The result – the affected leg veins become swollen and commence to protrude from underneath the skin, taking on a knotty appearance which is sign of the varicose vein condition.

Sclerotherapy treatment is actually one of the most effective solutions to combat this problem. The method involves injecting a remedy into the vein. This generates a reaction that progressively shrinks the varicose vein. The solutions utilized in varicose vein surgery los angeles include Hypertonic saline, Polidocanol, and Sodium tetradecyl sulphate. In advanced cases when the vein is now diseased, this treatment can effectively assistance in shrinking them as a result of normal size, albeit after multiple sittings along with your doctor.

Information on Sclerotherapy procedure

The entire treatment takes about quarter-hour to one hour for the administration of one sitting. Doctors usually recommend certain precautions being takes before the patient goes for the therapy. Included in this are avoiding intake of other medication, typically the ones containing Tetracycline or Minocin. Certain antibiotics also need to be avoided to avoid reactions inside a patient’s body. As well as precautions regarding antibiotics, patients should avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, prednisone and also other anti-inflammatory medications for 48 hours pre and post the Sclerotherapy procedure. They may act to decrease the effectiveness of the medication being injected to your patient’s body in the treatment. Patients who experience pain after the treatment are prescribed Tylenol for many relief. You have to have a comprehensive talk to your physician concerning the do’s and don’ts to follow before, during and after the administration of Sclerotherapy injections.

Potential adverse reactions

Just like any other medical treatment, some unwanted effects and reactions are to be expected from Sclerotherapy Injections. These typically include bruising, burning or lumps in the affected areas. Patients are usually required to take regular hot baths and steam sauna treatments to help relieve any discomfort they 54devppky be facing post-op. Serious complications following los angeles varicose vein center are rare. Some of these complications are allergies on the sclerosant chemical, ulceration of the procedure area, and the potential of deep vein thrombosis. You need to regularly consult with your medical professional after the treatment continues to be administered to guarantee no problems arise. Normal physical exercise can be resumed after having a reasonable time post the administration of treatment. Walking and lightweight exercising is advised to aid patients maintain their health. However vigorous exercises are not suggested for several weeks at the very least. The individual will be made to wear support or compression wraps to “compress” the treated areas.

The overall effectiveness with this procedure for treating varicose veins has been proven and accepted with the medical world.